try our fruition bowl, it is our number one selling item.

Açai is a South American palm tree producing small edible blackish-purple berries, we get our Açai from a 3 gallon tub. The Açai we have is 99.5% the Açai berry pureé, and .5% organic cane sugar. We do NOT blend our Açai with anything. We scoop 6oz of our Açai into clear bowls so you can see exactly what you are getting. The Açai is as healthy as we can get it and authentic as well. Açai bowls are all topped with many different things, we have many set bowls but they can also be changed if you don't like a certain fruit or topping on our bowls. that our Açai is purely that berry, it is a little more tart then some may think, so if you have not had one of our bowls we suggest trying one with peanut butter or almond butter, you will be surprised at how amazing they are. Come in a try a bowl and visit us. 

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